Career Trend Alert – Escapism is Going to Be Hot

I bet you’ve never heard of Li Edelkoort. I didn’t either until I apprehend about her in Fast Aggregation this month. She works for a trend forecasting aggregation and is advised a array of ‘oracle’ to industries like retail and appearance that charge to consistently reinvent their articles and services. Companies pay big bucks to accept her explain what the next hot affair will be. So, what’s the latest trend? Well, she’s listed a agglomeration of things like androgyny, the countrifying of cities, and even the afterlife of barnyard self-promotion. Yet, as a career strategist, the one that absolutely bent my eye was…(drum role please): escapism.

Okay, she didn’t accurately account it as one of her seventeen predictions, but if I put calm three of her trend forecasts, I acquainted able of anticipating escapism’s arrival. Here’s what Edelkoort said to argue me:

“Mushrooms will be ubiquitous. It’s absolutely a time for abracadabra and disproportion. We badly charge abatement from too abundant reality.”

“Eccentricity will be cultivated. There will be a all-around adventure for the unique, decadent, and decorative.”

“Reality: over. We will crave fiction, fantasy.”

Wow. My aboriginal anticipation was, “Ouch, I best the amiss name for this blog!” But then, I put on my analysis hat to see what this ability beggarly for our careers. Here’s what I’ve appear up with…

Escapism became acclaimed in the 1930’s acknowledgment to the abasement (hello history repeating) and is about universally advised a bad affair because it seems to advance to addiction. Wikipedia’s analogue of abstention is as follows:

A brainy aberration by agency of ball or recreation, as an “escape” from the perceived abhorrent aspects of circadian stress. It can aswell be acclimated as a appellation to ascertain the accomplishments humans yield to try to admonition abate animosity of abasement or accepted sadness.

The analogue even goes on to aspect abstention with the conception of a accomplished host of industries including, fiction literature, music, sports, films, television, role-playing games, pornography, religion, recreational drugs, the internet and computer games. Yep, abstention is animate and able-bodied in America, just attending at this commodity by the abusive ability over at The Onion, or the actuality that Dancing With the Stars got the accomplished ratings endure anniversary with a whopping 21M+ viewers. (FYI – I was one of them.) It’s a fact: abstention is on the rise.

I assumption the acceptable account (and potentially a cardinal bit career advice) is that jobs in abstention industries will be in acceptable shape. So, if you are searching for a career with advance potential, I advance targeting one of the fields above.

But that said, here’s area I get afraid about the able downside to an advance in the embrace of escapism. You see, abstention can advance to disengagement on-the-job. Taken to the extreme, we could become a ability that just stops caring about our careers. Heck, you ability be account this and saying, “I’m there already J.T.” While I do feel we yield our careers too actively in America (In my observation, we abominably use our careers as the capital way to ascertain ourselves and actuate self-worth.), I aswell don’t feel the acknowledgment is to beat absolutely in the added administration and become anti-career. Yet, the signs appearance we are headed that way.

First, just attending at the added amount of TV and cine plots with an appointment ambience that use amusement to appearance the absurdities of the workplace. Again there’s the hardcore statistics that appearance as abounding as 70% of Americans feel they are in jobs that aren’t appropriate for them. And acknowledgment to our tanking economy, added and added acclimatized professionals are alive up every day with depleted retirement funds and the charge to add years to their alive lives. Finally, let’s not leave out the millions of contempo academy grads with astronomic academy loans and a job bazaar evocative of 1990’s. (I accelerating that year – it wasn’t fun.) Scary gang, but it looks like abstention is inevitable, and that careers may ache from a drone-like access to them.

As anyone who spends all of her alive hours aggravating to admonition humans feel bigger about their careers, I say to all of you, “Don’t footfall into the light!” I’m not suggesting that diversions are universally a bad affair and that you should abide miserable. All I’m adage is to accumulate your arch in the game. Attending at these down times as an befalling to abound your skills. While others are drowning their sorrows with boundless escapism, you’ll be deepening your able credibility. It’s all about balance. Like the old adage goes, too abundant of annihilation isn’t good.

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